Current Artwork

Here are a few paintings Doane has done here on the coast. Almost all of these are painted "plein aire" and in one sitting.

For purchase information of available artwork, or for other questions, please contact Doane on the Contact Page .

China Cove 4

Old Cypress Tree 2

Beach Path 4

Spindrift Road Cypress

Eucalyptus Trees 2

Eucaliptus Trees 1

Mission Orchard Bird House

Morning Light, Point Lobos

Beach street Corner 4PM

12% Grade

Bird Rock 1

Cove Trail

Finger Rocks

Carmel Clouds 1

Pt. Lobos Coal Chute


Monastery Hills 2

Rock Formation

New Years Morning Mist

"Balance, Counterbalance"

Mission Statue

Mission Courtyard

Early Morning Shadows

Coast Haze

North view of Fish Ranch

PG Tide Pool View West

PG Tide Pool View East

Spanish House 8th Ave.

Spanish house on 8th ave.

The Precipice

Hazy Day

Sea Lions

Tidal Rocks

Rocks and Tide

**Note: Many of the frames shown here are digital/virtual frames and are shown for reference only, but they are available for the artwork shown above or can be switched for comparable frames.

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